Cristiano Castelfranchi

+39 06 44595259
+39 06 44595243

Via San Martino della Battaglia, 44, 00185, Roma, Italy

Curriculum Vitae: 


Ricercatore Associato
Parole chiave:
  • anticipation and goal-directed behavior;
  • cognitive modelling;
  • conventions, norms and social institutions;
  • emotions;
Short profile: 


The guiding aim of my research is to study autonomous goal-directed behavior as the root of all social phenomena, at the same time highlighting how social life shapes individual cognition.

I have contributed in particular to the following areas:

  1. Autonomous agency and goal dynamics: nature, evolution and development of anticipatory cognition, from simple predictive mechanisms to mental expectations; intentions, desires, needs, values, commitments, will, ...

  2. The cognitive structure of society: how individual cognition contributes to determine social dynamics, studied in various phenomena such as normative behavior, power and dependence relations, trust and delegation, mind ascription, collective and joint action, communication, deception;

  3. Social and evolutionary functions and their relationship with individual goals: a unified approach to the emergence of social order from individual actions and to the internalization of social norms, values, and institutions within individual minds; self-organization and cognition; functions vs goals; 

  4. The cognitive anatomy of emotions: analysis of several complex emotions, such as surprise, shame, guilt, envy, hope, etc., in terms of the necessary cognitive states to elicit them;

  5. Cognitive and relational aspects of rehabilitation: forgiving, rights, empowerment, recovery, defensive mechanisms, etc. .


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Mer, 01/06/2011 - Sab, 31/05/2014
FET Open Coordinated and Support Action
Mar, 23/11/2010 - Mar, 22/11/2011
EU-DG Employment Social Affair & Equal Opportunities
Ven, 01/10/2010 - Ven, 30/09/2011
EU-DG Employment Social Affair & Equal Opportunities
Mar, 14/04/2009 - Dom, 13/03/2011
Comune Roma Dip V
Dom, 01/07/2007 - Giov, 01/07/2010
European Science Foundation: The Evolution of Cooperation and Trade Programme (TECT)
Lun, 01/12/2008 - Lun, 30/11/2009
Association Travail, Emploi, Europee Société ASTREES
Mar, 23/09/2008 - Ven, 06/11/2009
Festival della Scienza
Mer, 23/05/2007 - Sab, 23/06/2007

Taking part in


InMind and OutMind Societal Order
Cognition & Self-Organization: The role of MAS 

Invited Talk at AAMAS 2013 as Winner of the IFAAMAS Influential Paper Award


When Doing is Saying: Behavioral Implicit Communication

Lectio Magistralis for the Mind and Brain Prize 2007


Mind & Brain Prize 2007 - Lectio Magistralis

Goals Ontology and Dynamics in Mind and Society

Keynote Lecture at ICAART 2011


ICAART 2011 - Keynote Lecture