Alessander Botti Benevides

LOA: +39 0461 314842; DKM: +39 0461 314395
LOA: +39 0461 314875

LOA: Via alla Cascata 56/C, Povo, 38123, Trento, Trentino, Italy;

DKM: Via Sommarive 18, Povo,
38100, Trento, Trentino, Italy.


Ricercatore Associato
Parole chiave:
  • conceptual modelling;
  • enterprise modelling;
  • knowledge representation;
  • logic;
  • ontology;
Short profile: 

Alessander is a Ph.D. student at the University of Trento (UNITN), being jointly supervised at the Data and Knowledge Management Research Unit (DKM) and the Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA). He is sponsored by both Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK-irst) and the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC-CNR)

He obtained both his M.Sc. in Computer Science and his B.Eng. in Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES - Vitória, E.S., Brazil), in the scope of the NEMO group. References of his publications are available at his Google Code site:


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  • foundational ontologies;
  • languages and standards for Enterprise Modelling;
  • formal systems;
  • design of domain-specific languages.


Articoli in atti di convegno

Botti Benevides A., Masolo C. States, Events, and Truth-makers. In: FOIS 2014 - 8th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 22-25 September 2014). Proceedings, pp. 93 - 102. P. Garbacz, O. Kutz (eds.). (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, vol. 267). IOS Press, 2014.  image   image

Botti Benevides A., Masolo C. State-based event modeling. In: AIBP 2013 - AI Meets Business Processes. Proceedings of the Workshop AI Meets Business Processes 2013 co-located with the 13th Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (Turin, Italy, 6 December 2013). Proceedings, pp. 81 - 90. L. Giordano, S. Montani, D. Theseider Dupré (eds.). (CEUR workshop proceedings, vol. 1101). M. Jeusfeld c/o Redaktion Sun SITE, Informatik V, RWTH Aachen, 2013.  image   image