Planning and Scheduling Technology Laboratory

The laboratory synthesizes technology to empower humans in performing both difficult and everyday tasks.   We were born as a group studying automated problem solving with AI techniques.  We have extended our interests to artificial systems that together with humans create a mixed-initiative interaction space.   

At present we study  autonomous and interactive systems, innovative technologies for aging well, human-robot interaction and the automated solution of complex dynamic problems.

Parole chiave:
  • ambient assisted living;
  • artificial Intelligence;
  • automated problem solving;
  • constraint-based reasoning;
  • health systems;
  • Human-Computer Interaction;
  • Human-Robot Interaction;
  • ICT supports for the aging people;
  • Mixed-Initiative Planning and Scheduling;
  • Reasoning for Autonomy;
  • timeline-based reasoning;
  • User Evaluation;
  • validation & verification
Amedeo Cesta.


The Planning and Scheduling Technology (PST) Lab has been founded in 1997 as a research group  focused on automated and interactive techniques for planning problems. We have obtained results on specialized constraint reasoning, (meta) heuristics for scheduling, mixed-initiative problem solving, timeline-based planning.  The group has been involved for over ten years in a collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA).  Three of our problem solving tools are in continuous daily use in the mission planning ground facility at ESA-ESOC, Darmstadt.  During the last five years we have broadened our research interests toward new areas thus acquiring competences in robotics, ambient assisted living, cognitive systems for training, and health systems for aging well. In FP7 we have projects in different  topics (Space, ICT, Security, and AAL).




Amedeo Cesta





Persone ISTCs

Persone ISTC
Collaborazioni di Ricerca 

Technical Staff

Membri Passati 
  • Nicola Policella, ESA - European Space Agency, Germany
  • Federico Pecora, Orebro University, Sweden
  • Marcelo Oglietti, CONAE - Argentine Space Agency



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Articoli in atti di convegno

Cesta A., Coraci L., Cortellessa G., De Benedictis R., Furfari F., Orlandini A., Palumbo F., Stimec A. From Sensor Data to User Services in GiraffPlus. In: AAL 2013 - Fourth Italian Forum on Ambient Assisted Living, 2013 (Ancona, 23 25 Ottobre 2013). Atti, article n. 1. S. Longhi, P. Siciliano, M. Germani, A. Monteriù (eds.). Springer, 2014.  image   image


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