Evaluation Research Group

The Evaluation Research Group (ERG) adopts a complex and participatory approach to knowledge building. The main research topics are risk and norm representations related to natural disasters, poverty, mental health, interculture, services evaluation.

  • human-environment relationship;
  • norm compliance;
  • participative research design;
  • risk attitude;
  • social representation
Antonella Rissotto.


The Evaluation Research Group is interested in social phenomena that have strategic relevance, which are investigated by adopting the ecological perspective. The relationship between physical and social dimensions of human environment is the framework in which the Group develops researches on social representation of risk and norm, concerning seismic and hydrogeological phenomena. The social environment is instead the context in which Group’s research activities on dynamics of exclusion, concerning poverty, mental health and interculture take place.

The Research Group aims at both theoretical and applied improvement. Circularity between theoretical research and knowledge implementation is promoted by the participatory approach, which is a distinctive feature of the Group’s methodology. This choice, on the one hand, results in building research contexts and tools which can foster full involvement of all stakeholders, mainly the most vulnerable (poor people, people with severe psychiatric disease, minors, elderly men, prisoners, foreigners). On the other hand, this choice impacts on the course of the researches which are based on stakeholders’ contribution in building information, interpreting and – possibly – adopting them.



Antonella  Rissotto


Research Collaborations 

Margherita Scaffa


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